2. srsfunny:

    Important Beard Law


  3. Acoustic punk rock from Osaka. 心強い。

  4. The things I had to tell her... and the things I hoped she would listen to. There were so many of them..

    Pretty sure this is supposed to be Komae Station. Also hoping I’m wrong.

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  5. Whoah. (両国SUNRIZE)

  6. Proof that Facebook’s related links feature has sentience.

  7. 近代ガールズど一脚のGoPro!俺一年半前そんなのをやっていた!(○´∀`○) (三軒茶屋HEAVEN’S DOOR)

  8. 月曜日!29日!両国サンライズ!

  9. I AM GOAT

  10. This is relevant to my interests.

  11. 経血マドンナ~Menstrual Madonna

  12. Holy Goddamn Halloween.

  14. 変身に成功致しました。

  15. 落ち着く。24日は両国サンライズ。20時半から。