1. Dear #cnn , could you please knock it off with the app ads in countries where it is not available?

  2. the-jean-kirschtein:

    just fucking punch it

    Punching that Marilyn Manson titan no less.

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  3. Sad vending machine at JR Kashiwa station.

    It says “Out of order now.  (;x x)”

    That’s a new one. Pretty sure I’ve seen the blue screen of death on one of them.

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  4. They’re closed by ten pm. Thank God. Addictive.

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  6. This week in Extreme Bass Guitar Modification, Hitomi of Kamisori Letter. #dipinto #southpaw #preamp (三軒茶屋HEAVEN’S DOOR)

  7. Noise artist Gloptin. Foot operated touch pad. (三軒茶屋HEAVEN’S DOOR)

  8. This is how close to noise performers I enjoy standing. Relaxing. Lets you block out the world and all its memories. #gloptin

  9. Saw a crying child. Made him smile a bit. (ゴールドジム 原宿東京)

  10. memewhore:

    For the doubters: Channel4News


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  13. Question.

    Is League of Legends still “hot”? Any signs of popularity dying out?

  14. 日本へようこそ!

  15. 日本へようこそヽ(^o^)丿